Norm Fain, Project Engineer, Member

Norm FainAs one of the founders of Fluid Solutions, Norm brings over 25-years experience in water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and material handling experience towards assisting clients in development of a unique solution that solves their specific problems. His experience in water began on a cattle ranch where he learned to develop windmills, springs, and build stock ponds to serve livestock. This was the catalyst that began a career in development of water resources in Arizona.

Norm is a fourth generation native of Arizona having grown up on a working cattle ranch in north central Arizona. Growing up he learned that water was the key to success of many business opportunities in the arid southwest. This knowledge was passed down through the generations as his great-grandfather began buying land for the family cattle ranch in 1912 in an area that had both groundwater and natural springs.

Water became a bigger part of the family as they started a water utility in 1964 to provide water to a sleepy development called Prescott Valley. Norm worked the water utility during his high school and college years, learning the nuances of delivering drinking water to a community. Norm attended Northern Arizona University attaining a BSCET in 1984 which he used to pursue a career in engineering. His first job out of college was at Southwest Salt (now Morton Salt) in Glendale Arizona where he designed and constructed means to hydraulically mine, convey, and refine salt for non-potable use in Arizona. It was this job where Norm learned the nuances of designing a facility to be buildable and operationally friendly as he had to follow his designs into the field to construct them and then to operate them. When he left the mine he worked for consulting firms building a reputation for water, wastewater, and reclaimed water resource development. He has worked for public and private entities throughout Arizona in addition work on projects in Kansas, Ohio, and New Mexico. His expertise in water and wastewater treatment has assisted clients meet their water resource needs. Norm is a licensed engineer and contractor in Arizona.

Norm has two children and a lovely wife of 24 years. His daughter attends Providence College in Rhode Island pursuing a career in music and his son attends Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, with aspirations to be a veterinarian.

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