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At Fluid Solutions, we practice Water Resources and Water/Wastewater Engineering in support of resources. Each project brings new thinking in the development of water resources to meet the diverse needs of each client we serve. We are constantly working to improve our expertise through continuing to practice existing knowledge while persistently and deliberately learning new ways to invent solutions to meet client concerns in our constantly and rapidly changing environment.

About Us

The challenges the water industry faces today requires continued growth and learning as new technologies clash with old technologies to meet evolving expectations creating a better world for us all. We understand this and work closely with our clients to create solutions that integrates the new with the old towards the development of a cost effective and sustainable results to take care of their concerns.

We understand the delicate balance that water plays in sustainability within our arid environments. We also understand the value in creating solutions to maintain that balance while providing a positive return on client investments in specific situations taking care of threats, obligations and opportunities. We strive to invent solutions that are sustainable while meeting expectations championing client intentions.

Founded in 1998, we, at Fluid Solutions, have over 20-years practicing water resources for our clients as a firm. Our founder, Norm Fain, has over 35 years practicing the craft of developing, using, delivering, collecting and recycling water resources in many forms and qualities to meet varied client intentions. We understand that every situation is different and requires a unique strategy to be coherent with your needs. By listening to hear your understanding and intention, we work to design strategies and solutions to offer you the greatest return on your investment.

Fluid Solutions is an Arizona Water Resource firm focused on the needs unique to Arizona in our diversely arid climates. From the high deserts to the mountains, the central basins to the low deserts, our focus is our water supplies within our environment. Our clients include:

Advancing the Use of Water

Fluid Solutions was formed to advance the use of water through the application of integrated water resource management. Our staff of Hydrogeologists, Water Resource Analysts, and Engineers work cooperatively to craft robust, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.
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