Fluid Solutions

Norm Fain, P.E.

Principal Engineer, Member

[email protected]

As the founding member of Fluid Solutions, Norm has over 38 years of experience in water, wastewater, reclaimed water, hydraulic conveyance, and treatment towards the invention of solutions to meet the varied water needs of his clients in arid Arizona.  A fourth generation native of Arizona, Norm grew up on an operating cattle ranch and worked for water and electric utilities through his college years gaining an understanding of what “utility” really meant to the consuming public.  During his youth he gained a unique understanding of sustainability because his livelihood relied on it.  Water to grow alfalfa and fill stock tanks for the livestock had to be managed through the dry and wet years.  As stewards of the land that took care of him, he learned early in life that we had to take of the environment around us and nurture it to be sustainable to take care of us for generations into the future.

After graduation from Northern Arizona University with a BS Civil Engineering Technology (January 1984), Norm went to work at Southwest Salt in Glendale learning how to hydraulically mine, clean, and process sodium chloride.  Learning through completing a design, being part of the team building it, and then having to operate it.  The process showed him many of the places we can improve on designs as we explore them through different lenses.  The designer, the contractor, and the operator all have different perspectives that Norm learned to blend into his projects during this part of his career.

Following several years at the mine, consulting called but that required a professional license which was obtained 8 years after graduation (Civil #25969).  Working for three different water, wastewater and water resource consulting firms learning the practices required to design, permit and construct water and wastewater infrastructure to serve public and private clients.  This part of Norm’s career highlighted the differing standards that are required for different intentions.  Learning what standards were required, allowed and forbidden in the different marketplaces we were making offers in.  This experience led Norm to want his own consulting firm so he could be an offer for help to clients while helping his family grow and live a good life.

Fluid Solutions was formed in 1998 to advance the wise use of water in our arid state of Arizona.  To be able to offer turn-key solutions, Norm obtained his contractor’s license during the first year Fluid Solutions was in business (A-General Engineering #137525).  This created the ability to offer those clients who only want one point of project responsibility to use our “design-build” offer.  During Fluid’s first decade in business, the housing boom of the early 2000s was the focus.  Much of the infrastructure for Valencia Water Company (now City of Buckeye) was designed and constructed by Fluid Solutions.  During this time our identity grew as a firm that could help small utilities experiencing strong growth to grow with the community in a reliable and sustainable manner.  As the housing boom came to an end, our offer expanded to help several rural schools and institutional facilities, small rural towns and cities update and replace water and wastewater systems.

Today, we are full-service engineering firm built to help invent water, wastewater, and water resource solutions for public, semi-public and private clients across Arizona.  Our focus is the inventions of solutions to meet your water resource needs as we celebrate our 24th year in the business of helping clients improve their water situation.

Norm is married to Karen, his wife of 37 years.  They have two grown children, Brittanie a music teacher/director at a Phoenix area high school,  and Joshua a therapist for special needs children in Seattle Washington.  Norm and Karen have one 2-year-old granddaughter and a grandson due this year.